Pitbull Buys Plane Ticket to Walmart in Alaska: "Follow Me to Kodiak, Dale!"

See also "Internet Trolls Try to Exile Pitbull to a Walmart on 'the Frozen Alaskan Island of Kodiak'" and "#KeepPitbull305 Fails to Save Mr. Worldwide."

By month's end, Pitbull will likely become the first Cuban-American to ever willingly hop on a Kodiak, Alaska-bound flight for the sole purpose of visiting a Walmart.

Sandwiched between news that Captain Melissa Rivers will become the new Coast Guard Air Station Commander and a reminder to start training for the city's annual Run the Rock endurance race, Kodiak's public radio station, KMTX, officially broke the news yesterday.

"Kodiak has won a visit from Miami singer Pitbull," writes KMTX's Jay Barrett, "and he may be coming here in less than two weeks."

According to the radio station's report, Walmart's director of corporate communications, Sarah Spencer, called KMTX yesterday morning to announce that Kodiak had won the grand prize in the retailer's collaborative promotion with Sheets Energy Strips.

"Kodiak, Alaska is the winner of the Walmart and Sheets Facebook contest," Spencer says, "which means Mr. Worldwide will make his first trip to Alaska at the end of the month."

But the effort to send Pitbull to Alaska began as a joke when SomethingAwful.com writer David Thorpe and Jon Hedren thought it'd be a fun idea to launch a social media campaign that would send Pitbull to one of Walmart's most remote stores.

#ExilePitbull soon became a popular Twitter hash tag. And by the end of Walmart's promo with Sheets to "offer customers the chance to win a visit by Mr. Worldwide," over 72,000 people -- more than 11 times the population of Kodiak -- voted to send Pit to Alaska.

However, Pitbull seems to be looking forward to the trip. In a video message posted yesterday to his official YouTube page, Mr. Worldwide says, "I will go anywhere in the world for my fans.

"Follow me to Kodiak, dale!"

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