Win a Free Lunch With Pitbull at Miami Subs! Daleee!

See also "Miami Subs and Pitbull Announce Brand Revamp, World Expansion."

, Mr. Worldwide (formerly Mr. 305) is a one-man multinational corporation.

So when he isn't peddling low-calorie Voli Vodka at South Beach liquor stores or hawking Sheets Energy Strips to Walmart shoppers in the most remote parts of Alaska, multiplatinum pop star Pitbull spends his office hours plotting ways to export Miami Subs' Big Havana burgers, Naked Wing platters, and other mega-delicious menu options to the rest of mankind.

As "a majority equity holder" in "Florida's largest regional grill chain," Pit recently told New Times' food blog, Short Order: "I am no longer an artist! I'm a business partner! Daleee!" And the official Team-Pitbull-meets-Team-Miami-Subs game plan: Total global takeover.

Pero, every good business meeting begins with a midday meal. And in particular, gratis grub with Armando Christian Pérez at your local fast-casual restaurant.

Through the end of summer, Mr. Worldwide and his new partners, including CEO Richard Chwatt, will be holding a Lunch With Pitbull contest via Facebook, offering hungry fans "a chance to [eat with Dat Lil Chico] at a local Miami Subs Grill and VIP passes to his next concert in Miami."

The disclaimer: "Winners will be responsible for their own travel," either to Miami or down Biscayne Boulevard to that weathered seafoam-green hut with the flickering, busted-ass neon.

But while Miami Subs has become a somewhat destitute fast-food empire with only 33 American locations, the place remains filled with warm and crispy memories for Pit. "Eating at Miami Subs has always been a part of my life, part of Miami," he says. "It always made me feel at home."

And after winning the Lunch With Pitbull contest, you and he shall dine on only the finest of foods. "A ten-wing chicken platter or a gyro platter... Those were always my favorite!"

Oye! Free lunch! Daleee!

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