P.A.T.H. Hip-Hop Summer Camp Returns This Year, Registration Open Until Friday

It seems like just yesterday Crossfade was hanging out at the

Miami Light Project

, basking in the feel-good glow of


., the annual hip-hop summer camp spearheaded by


and Amit Regev. In a throwaway culture saturated with negativity, and in a world of "hip-hop" populated by the likes of no-lyrics-having Wacka Flocka Flame, P.A.T.H. aims to stage an intervention with the youth.

The week-long intensive workshop, open to a select group of teenagers from around Miami-Dade, immerses its attendees in the true art forms of hip-hop culture: MCing, DJing, breakdancing, and urban art. Experts in each area help campers through projects, and an open cipher closes out each day. The best things about this camp: Women are well-represented here, both in campers and staff, lunch is provided, and everyone -- yes, everyone -- attends for free.

The camp returns to the Miami Light Project this year from June 21 to 25, and registration is open until Friday. There are about 10 spots left, so act fast. Check out the trailer for Dan Perez's film about the project above, and a video Crossfade shot of the camp last year here.

For full information and an application form, visit pathtohiphop.org.

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