Otto Von Schirach and Debbie D's "Super Sucia!": An Extremely Detailed Breakdown

Booty bass never went out of style in Miami. And now it's experiencing a resurgence all across the nation.

So, of course, it's time for the banging debut track and music video from Otto Von Schirach, Debbie D, and the Miami Booty Club. And it's super effing dirty!

Featuring vocals from the aforementioned Debbie D. Attias of Avenue D fame, "Super Sucia" sheds light on an important issue. Namely, filthy private parts.

Along with some help from the beautiful and talented Dancetasy crew, Otto and Debbie's new video is going to teach you how to keep your popola squeaky and clean. Learn the moves with Crossfade's extremely detailed breakdown.


We get a supercute and bubbly title screen. Yeah, you're about to watch a ridiculous(ly sexy) music video and you better remember who brought it to you.


The scene is set, which is basically some girls in head-to-toe American Apparel spandex, shaking their jelly in someone's backyard. It looks like a sorta sexier version of our (un)intentionally shitty middle-school video presentations from back in the day.


The mechanical horns kick in. Some more lovely ladies are added to the mix and their dance moves are just as lovably awkward. The blonde girl's hair looks incredibly natural. Meanwhile, the American Apparel clubwear struggles to contain that amazingly bouncy chonga booty.


Spicy breakdown time! The dirty girls slow it down as Schirach breaks out the kanun, an antiquated Turkish instrument that's halfway between a harp and a zither. Oh, a shooting star! Make a wish.


Those kickin' drums are back, along with that awesome booty bass. Debbie D. Attias promises us that chonga's keep their fun boxes clean. Sure, we believe you, girl.


This is the "Clean your vagina" dance, which is all the rage at the clubs these days. Study up, ladies. This is how you catch a good man. And more booty shaking!


More raging on the kanun. More awkward booty-shaking. More girls telling us how dirty they are. And a cameo from some random bro.


The "Clean Your Vagina" dance is back and we can't help ourselves from trying it out behind our desk. At 2:44, there's the best ass shot of the whole vid!


Aww, poop! It's over. But we learned that clean popola really is the best. This is like a damn public service announcement. The lesson: Ladies, keep your vaginas clean, your clothes synthetic, and don't ever be afraid to show more skin. Shake it like a chonga.

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