Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Hulk Hogan, and Halloween on South Beach: A Six-Photo Recap

Hulk Hogan and Kanye West walk into a bar....

No, seriously.

The Hulkster and Yeezy spent Halloween together at LIV, where Kayne's girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, was celebrating her 32nd birthday dressed as Catwoman.

Adhering to the couple's superhero costume pact, West rocked a convincing Christian Bale-era Batman suit. However, he must've left the keys to the Batmobile in Gotham City, because the pair arrived in a yellow Lamborghini.

Meanwhile, Hogan dressed up as a former pop culture icon struggling with a perpetual mid-life crisis and a nasty shit sandwich habit.

Check out some of World Red Eye's pictures from Kim K.'s Halloween birthday spectacular after the cut.

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Because he dressed up like Batman and drove a yellow Lamborghini with Kim Kardashian riding shotgun as Catwoman 'round Miami Beach, Kanye West is never to complain about paparazzi again. You asked for it, 'Ye.

Check out Yeezy's eyes. Homie's never happy, eh?

The chemistry between Batman and Robin hasn't been this strong since Joel Schumacher

tapped George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell for the roles in the mid '90s. Will Scott Disick be Yeezy's best man if Kimye tie the knot?

Hulk Hogan? Or the inability to let go? We're still trying to figure out Terry Bollea's costume.

Hogan was allegedly in the middle of telling West, "C'mon, brother, all my friends let me bang their girlfriends."

Happy birthday, Kim.

Check out World Red Eye's complete set of photos from Kardashian's Halloween birthday bash here.

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