Juliette Lewis Performs Live at Bardot August 26

I feel like we often ignore Bardot, even though it consistently has live music going on. But it's just that the bookings aren't always that compelling, but every now and then there's a gem. This time it's actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis who will be performing live at the Wynwood lounge August 26.

The price is a steal too: for $10 she'll be wailing two feet away from you. The cover itself is surprising, since the last time the venue booked an actress/musician (Taryn Manning), it charged a laughable $20. Somebody over there finally come to their senses.

Anyway, last time Lewis was in South Florida, was when her tour stopped at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale in September 2009. She hasn't really released any new material since last year's Terra Incognita so maybe she'll surprise us with what she's been working on these days.

I'll leave you will Lewis' video for "Fantasy Bar."

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