Juan Gabriel's Volver Tour 2014 - Miami

Juan Gabriel

Volver Tour 2014

American Airlines Arena, Miami

Friday, September 5, 2014

Over the weekend, Mexican music icon Juan Gabriel performed an epic three-hour set at the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami.

Only a few months ago, Gabriel had delayed his entire Volver 2014 tour because of health issues. But judging from the other evening's performance, one would never have guessed.

Juanga was just as healthy, energetic, and charismatic as always.

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He is one of the best-selling Latin recording artists of all time. So despite the months-long delay of his Miami arrival, the 64-year-old singer and songwriter stepped out to a sold-out arena, filled with 20,000 fans who'd been patiently and eagerly awaiting him.

Gabriel was accompanied by more than 30 musicians, backup singers, and dancers, including a full Mariachi ensemble. From guitar solos to elaborate choreography, the 180-minute show was a pure fiesta.

The Mexican divo mentioned how much he missed the shows, his musicians, the mariachis, and his fans during his recent, illness-related absence from the stage. He thanked his "fanaticos" many times, pointing out every flag in the crowd and toasting the nations of Latin America.

And to prove his gratitude, Juan Gabriel worked through a lengthy list of his most popular songs. Followers of all ages sang along to each and every classic, from "Costumbres" to "Hasta que te conocí" and "Así Fue."

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