J Majik and a Whole Lot More Drum 'n' Bass at Black Sheep Bar Tonight

Are you sick of the old tried-and-true musical formula for your Friday

night carousing? If you usually go out clubbing in South Beach and you

still have any semblance of distinction and personal taste left after

sustained Top 40 self-abuse, you've gotta be eager for a change of pace. Or

maybe you went to the Vagabond last night and got a taste of dubstep

and woke up this morning with that deep sub-bass still coursing through

your veins and aching for something harder, better, faster, stronger.

Then you may do well in hitting Black Sheep Bar tonight for a serving

of drum 'n' bass sounds courtesy of DJs J Majik, GENR8, and Alex M,

along with residents Juan Basshead and George Young.

J Majik's set in

particular is not to be missed. This legendary old school producer from

the UK has been releasing tracks since 1992 on the Metalheadz label and

his own Infrared imprint with several cross-over hits to his credit,

including a compelling new d'n'b remix of Deadmau5's stellar hit "I

Remember". GENR8 and Alex M are a couple of old school South Florida

favorites who will keep you bouncing all night. With its no cover/no

bullshit policy, cheap drinks, and refreshing musical provisions,

Black Sheep might just be the change of scene you've been looking for.  


J Majik & Co. at Black Sheep Bar. Friday, June 6, doors open at 10 p.m. 721 North Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach. 

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Sean Levisman

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