Five Insane Bieberpocalypse Tweets to Illustrate How Close We Came to Global Meltdown

There is nothing on Earth more terrifying that the wrath of a Justin Bieber megafan with access to a Twitter account and a Blinkee-enhanced photo of the Biebz.

Don't believe us? Witness the clusterfuck that ensued yesterday over a rumor, spread through blogs and comment sections, that the Bieber video for "Baby" would be deleted from YouTube.

Currently the most watched video of all time at more than a half-billion views, the video is marked as "disliked" by 1.5 million viewers. Or as fans put them, @sshole HaTerZ.

According to rumor spreaders, that meant some kind of complex algorithm on YouTube would trigger deletion of (paraphrasing here) the most amazing video ever of all time possibly created by angels.

Well, it turned out to be complete BS, which is shocking because YouTube comment sections tend to be superaccurate sources of information. But it's a good thing #dontdeletebaby was trending above bomb blasts in Mumbai and contentious debates about debt ceilings, because the disappearance of a Bieber video could really affect our lives and shit.

Here at Crossfade, our highly skilled Emergency Response Team trolled Twitter for five minutes documented this major crisis all day long and came up with five insane Bieberpocalypse Tweets to illustrate just how close we came to near global meltdown.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.