Fashion Freakouts at Memorial Day Weekend 2011 in Miami

Out on the streets of Miami Beach during this long Memorial Day weekend, there were some innovative, crazy, stupid, and jaw-dropping ensembles.

This year, the hipster look was in full effect and preppy getups were peppered in among more revealing garb. Gender-bending hair was all the rave with men in long locks and creative fades on the ladies. Of course, Miami fashion was also in effect, bitch.

Check out some of the most memorable looks we encountered out on Ocean Drive.

​Guess what? These ladies' asses are in Miami, bitch. It's, like, so awesome to be called "bitch" by a t-shirt or shorts. Just makes you feel like a real bitch.

Don't tell this beachgoer that the cutout bathingsuit is out of style. She not only has the booty shorts to show off her upper thigh tattoo, but a hood to match her sexy beachwear. Her friend's wearing a little Ed Hardy, which is nothing we've not never seen on SoBe.

The boys are in town! These little hams were all over every camera in sight. All cute and half naked, muscley, and in your face. These were the little queer cherries on the Ocean Drive cake. With plaid shorts and pink think-rimmed glasses, the little one in the middle was all fashion.

This guy really loves his boombox! He loves it so much that he had someone make a shirt about it. He brought it out to the beach where there is plenty of sand to get all into the buttons and speakers. He literally cannot leave home without it.

This is one brave man. His accent was the only thing explaining why he wore this Lady Gaga shirt. Next to the Ralph Lauren polos and white tees, this Gaga gear certainly made a statement. And that statement was, "I'm not from America."

This shirt clearly states what we've all felt ... Love Stinks! And apparently stinky love comes from the inside of a perfume bottle. With white pants and curly hair, neon looks cool again.

Rapunzel would be jealous of these amazing curls. Look at this dude! He's got it together in every way possible. What confidence! What flare! What hair!

Fashion isn't all about what you wear on your body. It's also about what you ride on or in. This metal beauty even has a green plush seat on which to relax your cheeks. Who needs fancy clothes when your bike is this handsome.

"Every queen needs a palace" is the tagline at the Palace, Ocean Drive's favorite gay bar. This radiant queen was standing tall, representing the fishnet body stocking over bathing suit look. And many a natural-born lady did it well. But this woman did best!

Hope you wear your best most colorful looks on South Beach today. And have a happy Memorial Day!

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