Willie Dynomite's Self-Help Book Advice: Act Like A Bitch

There are plenty of self-help books on the market, but few tell it to you straight. Who wants to read a story about how some Joe Schmoe turned his life around and went from rags to riches when your success can be guided by simply watching your dog? Yes, your dog. At least, that's Willie Dynomite's philosophy.

Look Like a Man, Act Like a Bitch, as described by Willie himself, is a "self-help book about success principles I learned from my dog." We should probably state for the record that Will Hatcher is the comedian behind the Willie Dynomite stage persona and his debut book is all in good fun - a jest, you might say. Or as he would say: "The best way to describe my book would be if Dave Chappelle and Dr. Seuss got together and made a self-help book."

"In the book, I make the argument that the female dog, a.k.a. the bitch, is one of the best role models we can have," says Hatcher. He gives examples on how his dog has made him a better man and in turn can help you turn your life around; "I also reference Lassie," he says.

The book will be Hatcher's first published work; he says he wrote and illustrated a comic book when he was in elementary school, "but sadly, it was never published."

Perhaps all he was missing was love? Love was the driving force that compelled Hatcher to write Look Like a Man, Act Like a Bitch - his love of bitches.

"My love for bitches is the first reason and my love to help people is the second," he explains. It's quite simple, actually; Hatcher believes his message "of acting like a bitch" can save people's lives. If your life needs saving, Hatcher may just have the solution you're looking for in his book.

Comedy lovers might recognize Hatcher from the South Beach Comedy Festival back in 2010, or from his YouTube channel, Delicious Bath Water. "I just like to do creative stuff - sometimes I create stand up bits, or movies, or books - my goal is just to make people laugh and inspire them to do creative stuff too," he says. Aside from his book tour, Hatcher has a few other creative projects in the works.

Building off his YouTube fame, Hatcher's tech startup, which also goes by the name Delicious Bath Water, is a "tech production company that specializes in fun stuff," but that's all he's going to tell us about that now. Hatcher and his team were finalist in last year's NewMe PopUP Accelerator program when it came to South Florida, "and we've been using that to motivate us to finish the year strong."

Comedian and writer are just two sides of this triple threat. His third talent? Filmmaking. Currently, he's in pre-production for an indie film he wrote. "I'm biased, but I think it's the greatest script ever written," he says, adding that he'll probably drop a rap album soon "because it feels appropriate for some reason."

Hatcher will visit LAB Miami this Saturday starting at 7 p.m. Hatcher promises a "cool, mellow jazzy show with a splice of comedy, a pinch of complimentary Deep Eddy Vodka and some killer dance moves by yours truly." Copies of Look Like a Man, Act Like a Bitch will be available for purchase, and each comes with a free hug from Dynomite himself. Tickets are free, but there's a limited amount, so register here to secure your spot.

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