The Ten Most Embarrassing Wedding Proposal Fails

Many a celeb rang in the New Year by putting a ring on it and getting engaged. Aretha Franklin got a sparkler from longtime beau William 'Willie' Wilkerson, local b-baller LeBron James finally decided to make his longtime babymama an honest woman, Justin Timberlake vowed to stop cheating on Jessica Biel, and lover of love Drew Barrymore promised herself for the 934,803,289-gazillionth time to a man no one's heard of.

And sure, that kind of news is all butterflies, baby sloths, and lilac-scented bubble bath farts. But what about totally legit rumors (coming from In Touch Magazine, possibly the most reliable news source in the entire galaxy) that forever spinster Jen Aniston was convinced that her boyfriend and Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux was totally going to propose to her over the holidays -- but instead of getting a super-expensive blood diamond from her man on Christmas, Justin gave gave Jen a "generic purse"? Emotional FAIL.

We here at Cultist feel that the "Aniston engagement that never was" story is precisely the kind of thing that needs to be reported. Not because we recently got dumped and spent New Years Eve eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's, crying into our cats, and then drying off Mr. Furrybuttom with our stockpiles of Modern Bride Magazines. It's purely for cosmic checks and balances. See, if there's too much happy in the world, the Mayan-predicted Apocalypse is sure to happen on December 21st, 2012. In order to prevent that from happening, we need a little bit of bitterness. As a result, here's ten wedding proposal fails -- with videos. (And, by the way, you're welcome for saving the world.)

Basketball Game Fail
Whoah, is that announcer an oracle or something?

Food Court Fail

Uh, how can this go wrong when you choose the most romantic locale in the world?

Ellen Fail

Oh, that Ellen! She even makes rejection fun!

Live TV Fail

We're not sure what's worse -- the boyfriend's goatee, having to lie a ring down on your girlfriend's lap because she refuses to uncross her arms, or having to have a dude with a keyboard diffuse the situation with a horrible pre-recorded Cassio jingle? Hmmm...we're going to go with the goatee.

Bowling Alley Fail

Aw, but she could've been Mrs. Eye Patch-Wearing Douchebag. Her loss.

Another Basketball Game Fail

The prize from the Cracker Jack box is NOT an acceptable ring for a proposal!

Drunken Fail

Maybe if you didn't roofie her drink beforehand, she would've realized you were proposing to her.

Rock Show Fail

No shirt, no shoes, no marriage.

And Yet Another Basketball Game Proposal Fail

We think it's safe to say that b-ball courts are cursed.

Balloon Fail

Obviously logic goes way over this guy's head.

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