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The Ten Best Drag Queens at Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

This weekend, Ocean Drive was dedicated to fairy boys blooming into butterflies and rippling rainbow flags. Sunday's festivities promised one thing -- equality.

Six years ago, Miami Beach put a lid on the closed-minded boy-meets-girl mentality with the explosion of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

Though equality veiled the two-day event, there were those who stood out brighter and more contoured than the rest. Those whose hair reached taller heights and whose lips were lined sharper. One might even label these royal subjects "queens." On a hierarchical scale, they bow down to no one (except maybe Yoncé and Gaga) in the kingdom of homosexuality.

Here are the ten best-dressed drag queens of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival 2014. You better work, bitch.

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Asian Invasion

Meet Chyna Girl and Asian Avian -- two besties, who both work at Score as VIP hostesses. These little lotus flowers were spotted just outside the festival and may very well have given Lucy Liu a run for her money.

The highlight of the blue babes ensembles: those fierce lips on Chyna Girl.

"Oh honey, it's just a lil' gloss and a lil' arts'n'craft glitter."

She's so modest.


Big, black, and beautiful would undeniably sum up the likes of RuPaul's Drag Race Season four contestant, Latrice Royal. Like a gem amid mere pebbles, the more-to-love honey had this to say, "You gotta shine bright like a diamond, baby!"

We are not worthy.

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Ariel be Hatin'

"Mermaids have no gender, and it's so fun to not be able to label yourself. Labels are for products in the supermarket," a young Christopher Castro tells us while basking in the sun and combing his long locks with a shiny "dinglehopper." The whereabouts of Scuttle have yet to be confirmed.

Sexual Relations

Why, hello there, Mr. President.

Within the sandy compound of the booth-ridden beach party, a familiar face was spotted - America's favorite bad-boy, Bill Clinton. Except today, in lieu of wearing one of his straight-line suits with a classically predictable pique collar, the former President of 'Merica opted to show a little leg to gain the vote of his fellow Americans. When asked who styled his liberal get-up of the day, posing in front of the Bill For First Lady booth (a campaign supporting Hilary Clinton for President), he left us with no comment - how political.

The She Queen

Who says straight women can't dress in drag? The Cruella De Vil impersonator, otherwise known as Eva underneath all that shag, says she's just a straight girl supporting her gays. "My brother is gay. So, nothing but support, baby!" she said of her sibling, the costume designer of the animal-cruelty enthusiast's guise.

American Idol Doppelganger

"Mom, let them get a pic with those two first," says a young man to his eager mother, trying to snag a shot with the beauty draped in an array of primary colors.

"I wanted to be on TV," the frowning woman groaned, now on the brink of tears.

She would fight to the death, just to be caught alongside Tiffany Fantasia, who was running late to her VIP-only private party hosted by NBC 6.

"Mom, I got, like, five pictures."

"Take another one!" the woman, still in awe of Tiffany's eerie resemblance to American Idol Season three winner, Fantasia.

"Girl, get out of the picture!" the gay son snapped impatiently at his groupie of a mother.

Trust us, she was worth the fight.

¡Ay, Mami!

There has to be a little Latin spice somewhere in the mix -- ergo, Luciana Havana. The Cuban/Puerto Rican/Italian mami oozed sex with her ¡Wepa! demeanor that kept all the papis in tow.

When asked what she looks for in a potential papi chulo, the festival tigress instantaneously cried out, "Dominican!"

Calling all Dominican tigerasos. She's waiting.

Unicorns Be Like

The horns say it all - fierce. However, neighing and freely galloping the streets of SoBe only compose yet a fraction of these mythological creatures known as The Celine duo.

Cherry Selene (right) and Corey Selene (left) have been spiritually wed for eight glorious years now -- a lifetime in gay years.

As for the costumes, the two confirm that there's a price to look this fabulous.

"They took a long time," the horned horses said.

A Little Strip Tease

Greased up gay men sat drooling over this Filipino showgirl as she twirled and whipped her head around to J. Lo's "Dance Again" in front of the Palace. The performance started off innocently, slightly exposing the décolletage, but two minutes into the burlesque -- poof! The robe magically dissipated into thin air. The howling of half-naked men began. But before the (borderline) nudie show commenced, we asked the former Jersey girl (who runs around with queen divas like Lady Bunny and Latrice Royal) why she loved to call Miami her new home.

"It reminds me of my country," the crowd pleaser said in a thick Filipino accent.

Plus Pride

This crowned queen was anything but a drag. With a name as long and regal as "Jasmine Dumont Price Lords," she justifiably commands respect fit for a royal highness, or at least a Miss South Florida Pride Plus.

"You have to have at least four names or else it's not important," she said in her booshiest voice. She later admitted the crown atop her slicked-back hair was her "runner-up" headpiece of choice -- she has "a big, beautiful golden crown that's only for photo shoots. It would be too dangerous to bring it out today."

-- Nycole Sariol

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