The Eleven Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend


So, what did you guys do for Halloween? If you're like us, you probably took part in the festivities over the weekend, because you were too square to be out past 11 p.m. on a week day.

Yeah, lame, but, whatever. We gotz workz to do.

Anyway, hope you're ready for the weekend! There's plenty to do -- in fact, more than we could fit on this list.

Here are the ten best, though, to start. And one to grow on.


Repertory Dance Ensemble of New World: High school and college kids reminding us of their young mastery of modern dance.

Afro Kumbe: Born in Miami to two cumbia families.

Sex Pistols' Glen Matlock: Who says no to any part of the Sex Pistols?


Cafe de Flore: A Friday premier of love, and destiny, and faith, and all that other sweet stuff.

The Glow Run 5K: The end to themed 5Ks is no where near, so get pumped.

Red Bull Flugtag: The ultimate paper-propelled flying device made to fall straight into the water!

Thighs and Pies Pie Contest and Picnic: You'd think that since this is Miami, we have enough pies and thighs here. But we could use more.

Masquerade at the Gardens: Different faces on parade.

Miami Music Month Kickoff Party: Grand Central kicks off 30 days' worth of shows citywide.


Ballet Austin: Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project: Ballets are highly underrated. They're beautiful and graceful. Also, fit men in tights.

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