Tattoo Nightmares Miami Will Showcase South Florida's Worst Ink

Now here's a reality show we can get behind. Spike TV will expand its popular series Tattoo Nightmares with a Miami spin-off, not-so-creatively titled Tattoo Nightmares Miami, Deadline reports.

The original show follows a trio of tattoo artists who specialize in making patrons' unfortunate ink choices, well, a little less unfortunate. People have rolled through that place with everything from DIY prison tats to ex-boyfriends' names to, uh, "penis neck."

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Tattoo Nightmares Miami will follow the same formula. Its three cover-up artists are Clint Cummings, a former contestant on Spike TV's other tattoo-based reality series, Ink Master; Samuel Suarez, AKA "High Noon," a local guy; and Reese Hilburn, tattoo artist from California.

Spike has ordered 10 episodes of the Miami spin-off, which will begin production this spring. Tattoo Nightmares Miami will then debut in the fall, alongside the fourth season of Ink Master.

Between Real Housewives of Miami and South Beach Tow, Miami certainly doesn't need any more embarrassing reality shows. But at least this series does us the favor of presenting its subjects honestly: as poor, remorseful decision-makers. If the Miami series is anything like its L.A. version, it'll show a parade sad saps rolling through the tattoo studio, essentially wearing a giant sign explaining their extreme fuck-ups. Think of it as Dogshaming for stupid people.

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