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SuperStarXXX Explains Why Her Ass Has Its Own Web Site

You know you've got back when your ass has its own web site. That's basically how SuperStarXXX, or Star, got started in the porn industry. Her derriere had so many admirers on AdultSpace and the archaic MySpace that Star decided to start up a web site for her fans.

"I knew I wanted to do porn, but I wanted to make the initial money from my fans first. Why work for another company and let them get paid when I can do it myself? After the opening of my site, my popularity went through the roof and here I am!"

Now we're not talking a J-Lo or Kim Kardashian booty, we are discussing a fundamental fanny here. We're talking about someone whose bio reads: "She weighs in at 400 lbs. Her breasts are 46EE and her gigantic ass is 70 inches WIDE!" Star is a BBW. For those of you unacquainted with the acronym, she is a big beautiful woman. Read on for our Q&A.

And while there are naysayers in the industry and in society at large, there are also plenty of people spending big money to buy BBW porn. But the industry doesn't seem to have caught up with the demand yet. Perhaps porn producers don't want to admit that the game may have changed?

According to Star, "I think there are so few of my peers who really respect us as equals. I think the majority of the industry looks at us like we are simply a fetish. They don't see us as 'real' porn stars. Almost as if we are beneath them [and] not at all relevant. Most companies could care less about shooting BBWs."

And that is probably the only aspect of working in the porn industry that SuperStarXXX doesn't like. "I don't like that BBWs aren't being given the opportunity to film with more companies. There are only a handful of companies that will shoot BBWs."

That may be the case with a lot of these porn folks, but there are lots of producers and directors cashing in on what others are choosing to pass up — at least for the moment. The more popular sites that cater to the BBW fan base, such as, generate lots of traffic, resulting in 40,000 hits per day — that's 1.2 million hits a month. 

And then there are the fans.  "I attended the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) in Las Vegas in January and I didn't have a booth — it was my first convention! Pornstar Tweet was very nice to allow me to sign at their booth. I'm still new, so I wasn't expecting such a big reaction from the crowd. Hundreds of fans came over to the booth and asked for pictures, hugs, kisses, and some even asked to take pictures with my ass. Numerous women walked up and asked if I would take pictures with their husbands," Star reports.

So BBW porn producers and fans of BBW porn are getting theirs. But, what is in it for SuperStarXXX? "I really enjoy sex," she says proudly. "Especially with someone who's passionate and real. I really love fetishes. My favorite is anal. I love the feeling. It's arousing and intense. I'm into pain. I like being choked a little," she laughs. "Being in front of the camera makes it even better." 

New Times: Any favorite co-stars?

SuperStarXXX: I've enjoyed working with several actors in the industry, but I must say Lucas Stone is one of my favorites! He's very intense; he really gets into the scene. He made me very comfortable on set prior to filming. And there are very few actors who can really handle a woman of my size on film. I mean really handle a BBW! Another one of my favorites is Rock The Icon. He gave me some of the best head i have ever had on or off film!

Is your family aware that you are so, ahem, passionate?

Yes my family knows. We really don't discuss it because they aren't supportive of my decision to do porn, although I do have a wonderful support system. My closest friends are really who I lean on for support. And the overwhelming amount of support from hundreds of thousands of fans is the reason I'm so focused on delivering good BBW porn.

What about heavy girls who feel ugly and keep trying to fit the '"skinny bitch" ideal of what beautiful is?

Size isn't the definition of beautiful. It took me a very long time to become comfortable with my 400 pound body. And to be honest sometimes I have bad days when I don't feel so good about SuperStar. But what I will never do is allow society or the industry to make me feel less than because I'm not a size 4. I am beautiful just the way I am.

It helps to write "I'm Beautiful" on a sticky note and stick it to all the mirrors in your home. Every time you look in the mirror say those words. Go out and get your hair, nails, and feet done because you deserve it. Buy yourself something new when you have some extra money because you deserve it. Keep yourself up — it helps your self-esteem when you take care of yourself. Start putting yourself first because you deserve it. Big girls are beautiful.

Any plans for retirement?

I don't think I will ever not be involved with BBW porn. I have so much I want to do. So many movie ideas I have and would love to see on shelves! It's not just about making money; it's about bringing what's missing to the industry.

What does the near future hold for you?

This is my opportunity to begin my DVD company. I expect SuperStarXXX E.N.T to do very well these next few years. There is a high demand for quality BBW porn. I want to become the foundation for BBWs in the industry. I know exactly what the consumers want. It's my job to create and deliver. I'm excited for the future of BBW porn.

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