South Beach to Host the World's Longest Roller Skate Conga Line

If you've always thought South Beach needed a little more Xanadu flavor, Evian's got just the thing.

Roller skaters will take over Collins Park this Saturday for Evian's World Health Day event Live Young, Skate On!

To promote hydration, fitness, and the sweet, buttery taste of French spring water among the young masses, Evian's letting guests grab a pair of roller skates and roll around in a pop-up roller skating rink like a bunch of modern-day Kiras.

There will be food, drinks, and goodies for guests, but the main attraction will be an attempt at breaking the record for the world's longest roller skating conga line. Officials from RecordSetter World Records will oversee the conga line and inspect it for completion, and actress Gabrielle Union will participate as Live Young's celebrity host.

Evian's Live Young series is apparently really into roller skates. (Is it a French thing?) Previously, events have attempted to set the world record for "Most People Jumped Over While Wearing Roller Skates."

No word yet on whether creepy baby T-shirts will also be mandatory for skaters at the Collins Park pop-up rink.

Saturday's conga line event will be one of several Live Young events Evian is scheduling throughout the year, all of them fitness-related.

Skate On! will also feature dancers from America's Got Talent and America's Best Dance Crew performing -- in skates, of course -- and CoolHaus will give out ice cream for those who can't take much of the healthy thing all at once.

Evian's pop-up rink opens Saturday at 12 p.m. Skating performances begin at 1:30 p.m., and the world's longest roller-skating conga line is scheduled to take place at 2 p.m.

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