Miami Book Fair Epilogue: Jonathan Safron Foer

Why is Jonathan Safron Foer, young novelist and lit celebrity, appearing in Miami two days after the Miami Book Fair International? Kind of weird, but also pretty awesome for those of us who missed some of our favorite authors--Tao Lin, Jonathan Lethem--to the inevitable choices one has to make between readings at the fair. No choice tonight--just Jonathan.

Four years after his "September 11th" novel, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Safron Foer has penned his first nonfiction work, an intelligent investigation into the historical arguments for eating meat. Or rather, the myths behind those historical arguments--Foer is a converted vegetarian.

He reads from Eating Animals (Little, Brown and Co., $25.99) at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Temple Beth Shalom, 4144 Chase Ave., Miami Beach. A free, general admission ticket is required, unless you're a serious Safronian, in which case you can pay $40 for priority seating, a signed copy of the book and a ticket to the private reception afterward with JSF himself. Tickets are available at all Books and Books locations.

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P. Scott Cunningham