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Married at First Sight: Valid Social Experiment or Vapid Reality Garbage?

First comes love and then comes marriage? Not necessarily. And especially not when there are reality TV cameras. We have been on this wild ride since we were first taken to Temptation Island, then the endless vicious cycle of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Now we at are the point of Dating Naked and the most extreme, Married at First Sight. The latter just had its finale last Tuesday with the reunion special tonight and we need to just exhale, contemplate, and take in what happened and what our culture is coming to.

Married is on a network you probably have never heard of, FYI, and is based on a hit Danish show that sought to conduct an "extreme social experiment." A sexologist, a sociologist, a psychologist and a spiritualist (not the start of a joke) poured over a slew of singles who agreed and applied to be married blindly, based solely on the decision of these specialist.

Six brave desperate people had their so-called "perfect match" chosen and at the end of the first episode and on the second episode they met the other name on the marriage certificate at the altar. For the first time!

We were hooked and extremely stressed out.

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Carina Ost