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Is Brett Ratner the Douchey Embodiment of Miami's General Sense of Entitlement?

Well before Brett Ratner became Brett Ratner, the 42-year-old filmmaker was a spoiled rich kid in Miami Beach. Though he left the city at 16 to attend NYU's legendary film school and later moved to Hollywood, Ratner managed to hold onto one Miami trait--albeit a despicable one--throughout the years.

Ratner is the douchey embodiment of Miami's general sense of entitlement. He's a crude, loudmouth brat who exudes arrogance, ignorance, and classlessness hidden behind the guise of multimillion dollar bank accounts and big-budget blockbusters with predicable narratives.

Until yesterday afternoon, there were no consequences attached to Ratner's unfiltered mouth. Last night, however, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed that Brett Ratner will not be producing next year's Oscar's.

"Being asked to help put on the Oscar show was the proudest moment of my career," Ratner said in a open letter. "But as painful as this may be for me, it would be worse if my association with the show were to be a distraction from the Academy and the high ideals it represents."

Over the past several days, Ratner's done a great job offending everyone. Last week during a Tower Heist Q&A he said, "rehearsal's for fags." He issued a half-ass apology three days later claiming that "everyone who knows me knows that I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body..." Blah, blah, blah, I'm sorry.

He proved that he's an insensitive, misogynist dickhead when he appeared on G4 and bragged about Olivia Munn. "She was hanging out on my set of After the Sunset, I banged her a few times," he said, "but I forgot her."

On the Howard Stern Show, Ratner bragged about his "huge balls" and how he's never gotten a girl pregnant--"And I've been doing this pull-out thing for year and years and years." He also admitted that if HPV causes throat cancer, "I'm a dead man."

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