Eleven Best Things to Do This Weekend in Miami

Miami can be so annoying, bro.

Irregardless of our broken English, poor syntax, and tik-tiki music, the Big Mango can be tremenda mierda sometimes.

From shitty drivers to Pitbull's overuse of the word "dale," there's so much shit to be embarrassed about.

Pero at the end of the day, Miami's better than Tampa, right?

We doubt that their weekend guide's as diverse as ours. And that whole Gulf of Mexico thing? Whack. It's all about the Atlantic, baby. No oil spills on this side, bitches.

Here are the 11 best things to do in Miami this weekend.



  • Miami New Times' Brew at the Zoo: We're having a party, and you're invited. Catch is, it's going to cost you. But we've got Alien Ant Farm performing, so it's justified.
  • Pepe Billete: Puppetry, Miami style. 
  • Microteatro por Dinero: Ever watched a show in a shipping container? It's your last chance.
  • Afrobeta: We love these guys. Hope they stay in Miami for-ev-er.
  • Rony Seikaly: It's only fitting that a former Miami Heat powerhouse is now a house DJ. Only in Miami.


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