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Did Evelyn Lozada Tell Basketball Wives Producers: "Give Me More Money or I'm Out"?

There are a few people whose minds we would love to get inside of to really understand the way they think: President Barack Obama, Oprah, and Charlie Sheen, of course. Add to that list, Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada. Why? Well, the bitch is nuts.

As we reported last week, TMZ started the rumor that Evelyn was leaving the show. Then, when we interviewed Shaunie

O'Neal, she let us know that nope, it was all bullshit. Well, now the

rumor on the block is that the reality star is looking to get paid

$20,000 an episode. And if they refuse to meet her demands, she is

out. Let us note: the ladies make about $7,500 an episode. Really, Eve, a

$12,500 raise? Yep, you're nuts.

It's ironic that she is asking for this pay raise. First, the Basketball Wives-loving community pretty much hates her after she informed Tami Roman that she had slept with Tami's ex while they were still married. Not only was she a bitch, she just didn't seem to not really care.

Maybe it has to do with her recent engagement to Chad Ochocinco. God knows that man loves money--we mean, the attention hungry NFLer has done two reality shows all while playing professional football. We guess we will just have to wait and see what the truth really is. Don't get us wrong: We don't want her to leave -- the girl is great TV!

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