Criss Angel Will Be Eaten by Alligators in the Everglades, Hopefully UPDATED

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South Florida's about to get a little freakier. Mindfreakier, that is.

Criss Angel -- magician, illusionist, guyliner aficionado, and doppelganger of Mystery from VH1's The Pick-Up Artist -- is headed to the Everglades for yet another dramatic stunt. It'll probably be like his other tricks, in that you won't know how he's doing it but it'll somehow make you hate him even more.

But it'll also be totally unlike his past stunts, for one reason: Dude could get eaten by gators.

According to an announcement, the master of illusion and also smarmyness will be filming a demonstration for his new TV series, Criss Angel BeLIEve, this Tuesday at Everglades Alligator Farm. The stunt, titled "Trapeze Alligator Escape," is allegedly "one of the most dangerous illusions he's ever attempted":

Criss will be shackled over an alligator swamp with more than 250 vicious alligators circling below. He will be covered in blood and chum and locked in a stockade device that no other magician has ever successfully escaped. If Criss cannot escape, he will be eaten alive. Criss will have to escape the locks that hold his neck and hands in the stockade which will cause him to fall closer to the alligators. He will then have to free his ankles before a hungry gator gets to him.

Criss Angel is a pro, so he probably has this trick all figured out. He probably won't be torn to pieces by ravenous alligators before the eyes of a live audience and rolling TV cameras. He'll likely emerge without a scratch, smile that crooked, self-satisfied smile, and take a bow.

But he also might not. Who knows.

If you want to see for yourself, the Tuesday taping is open to the public and free of charge. It starts at 1 p.m.

UPDATE: The taping has been rescheduled for Friday, May 31, at 2 p.m. It is still free to the public.

Otherwise, you can catch the action on TV this fall. Criss Angel BeLIEve, in which Angel "will set out to confirm that he is the greatest magician of all time," begins in October. It'll air on SpikeTV, because of course it will.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.