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Burn Notice and Dexter: Fresh Miami Goodness

Though Miami was one of the hottest neighborhoods on the dial in the '80's, the small screen version of the Magic City has had some pretty boring characters in the past decade. We've hosted such shit shows as "Good Morning, Miami", the by-the-numbers "CSI: Miami," quickly canceled "Caine", and the J.Lo Produced "South Beach."

Until recently, it seemed we would never again reach the heights of Sonny Crockett and Sophia Petrillo.

But thanks to cable, Miami is back again as the setting of two of TVs must buzzed about shows.

"Burn Notice," about a former spy on the run from the Government, (which actually films in South Florida) concludes the first part second season tomorrow on USA with a day-long marathon leading up to the new episode at 10pm.

Don't Worry "Dexter," the killer Showtime serial about a serial killer who serial kills other serial killers, will tied you over til "Notice" return in January. It premiers its third season on September 28. Unlike "Notice" it's not filmed in Miami, but hey neither was "Golden Girls". That doesn't mean we love either any less.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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