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Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Talks Meeka Claxton and Royce vs. Evelyn

We aren't going to lie to you today and tell you we haven't watched every episode of Basketball Wives. From the boozing at noon to the physical altercations, we just love it. While new girl Meeka Claxtion is keeping season three interesting, it's really Tami Roman who holds this show up for us.

Don't get us wrong, all these ladies are entertaining, that's why we

watch them week after week. But for us, if not for Tami, it might as

well be call, Basketball Wives Who Lunch.

First, she actually

belongs on the show because was once married to basketball star, Kenny

Anderson. And she is so natural on TV, because this isn't her first time. Catch the second season of The Real World: Los Angeles? Yep, she was the one that got so pissed about what is famously called "the blanket incident." We got the chance to speak with Tami about everything from her fights with Eveyln Lozada and why she was up for

another stint on reality TV.

New Times: What made you want to do Basketball Wives in the first place?

Tami Roman:
I answer this question a lot. I remember watching the first season, and thinking that my life and my journey as a basketball wife wasn't represented. I wasn't getting mani/pedis everyday, I wasn't eating out all the time and I wasn't shopping all the time. I just felt like the real story wasn't out there. So I contacted the shows producers and gave them a little bit of my history and the ups and downs I had in my relationship. They thought it was interesting and I knew it would be valueable to the show.


You have done two seasons of this show. What is it like to have all your business on TV?

Well, I'm not new to that because I came from the Real World. It's like Tami, 20 years later. It's my return to reality TV. I try to use my life and the things that I'm going through as testimony. And hopefully the things I'm going through or the way I'm handling them or the way not handling them properly (laughs out loud) will be used as a teaching tool. Someone might watch and think, "Oh, I like how she handled that." Or, "I see how she handled that. I'm going to handle it this way," and make changes in their life for the better. 

Let's talk season three: what are your thoughts so far?

I just think we are a hot-ass mess. When we try our best to not have drama, to co-exisist and just be cool, no matter what you have -- six strong women with six strong convictions and opinions -- when you put us together, there is bound to be drama.

The Royce Reed and Evelyn Lozada fight in the third episode -- was it inevitable?

It was definitely coming. They have been at odds for a while. The funny part about the whole actually really all started between Royce and Jennifer, and Evelyn was just sticking up for Jennifer and that's how she got involved. And with some strange twist, Jennifer became okay with Royce, and Evelyn and Royce cant stand each other.  And now it just is what it is.

You and Royce seem to be close, but we have to ask: was she asking for it? She sat down to drinks and started letting them know her thoughts from minute one.

She approached it from the proper standpoint. She was honest, "I don't like you." She approached it by being real, which is something I can respect. I don't have time to beat around the bush. If I don't like you, I don't want you in my space and there is a good chance they don't want me in theirs either. With being honest, you know where everyone stands.


Meeka Claxton--you two don't seem like the best of friends. Tell us your thoughts on her.

She talks... constantly. Diaherra of the mouth, literally. And then you don't know what you said to one person versus the other person and the reason is because you're not being real with anybody. So now when people call you out on it and want an explanation, you don't know why this is happening, or you can remember what you said. Maybe she said this or maybe she was drinking. There are plenty of different reasons, but if she would have just been herself and not been what she thinks we wanted her to be, it would have been so much better. She should have just been herself.

We heard you guys were just in Italy.

We were in Rome. We had a wonderful time.

So, we heard there was a little scuffle between you and Meeka while you were overseas. Is that true?

We aren't really allowed to discuss it. So you guys will see it unfold as you watch this season. I can't say there was a scuffle, but I can say that sometimes people do things to impress other people and I'm the kind of person that if I feel threatened, I will defend myself.

You and Evelyn: are you guys still at each others throats?

I cant talk about it. I'm sorry! Will we ever be friends? Well, friends is a strong word. Will Evelyn and I ever be able to coexhisit? Maybe.

You spoke about your man for the first time on episode 4. What does he think of all of this Basketball Wives stuff?

Drama with a capital D. He kind of feels like, why are you even doing

this? When I have had so much success with acting. I have been

seriously considering that prospect and if I will even continue on

after this season.

So if you have kept your relationship off TV, what do you think of Evelyn and Chad Ochocinco keeping their relationship on TV?

Well, Evelyn has been on since inception, so she really never had a choice.  And he had his own reality show trying to find love, so I think for them, it's just natural as a couple. They both like being on TV. 

So wait, this might be your last season?

It could be. I might go back to scripted program or my own show.

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