Basketball Wives Episode 5: Cocktails, Closures, and Crying

Is it just us or is it weird to see so much of Suzie Ketcham on this season of Basketball Wives? Before, she was hiding more than Osama Bin Laden and now she is out, loud, proud and doing her best to get some air time. While we don't mind seeing her, we wish she would just rock the boat a little bit.

That doess't mean there's not plenty of drama. Watching Basketball Wives is a lot like watching the History

Channel. There are so many wars going on that it's hard to keep up. There

is Royce Reed vs. Evelyn Lozada and now, the newest blow up is Tami

Roman vs. Meeka Claxton

Not only is this fight getting really big, but Tami isn't ashamed to flat out say she doesn't like the broad. Oh and it's not just Meeka. Tami is ready to beat down Evelyn Lozada at any minute. You can tell her ultimate goal is for Evelyn to stop selling those god damn T-shirts. And if she doesn't, get ready to meet the Tami we know that loves to fight, with or without a cocktail or 12.

And then shockingly enough, over some booze and the New York City skyline, Evelyn and Tami were able to put their beef behind them. Honestly, we are shocked. Evelyn agreed to stop selling the T-shirts after the initial 500 are sold. Well, considering the consistent restocking over at Evelyn's online store, we're assuming that promise didn't hold.

And until last night's show, we had no idea Tami was a mom-ager (mom+manager). You see her taking her daughters to the studio and are we the only ones that can't stop thinking, Kris Jenner, anyone? And like most tense Tami situations, things go from bad to worse very, very quickly.

Don't want to make her upset? Don't inform her that she is no longer your manager. We're glad to know not even her own daughters are safe when it comes to the wrath of TR. 

And then, out of no where, we felt the need to get the tissues. For the first time, maybe ever, Basketball Wives got more serious than gossiping and man-swapping. When Evelyn started talking about her father and the lack of their relationship, it was hard to look at the woman who just a week ago was informing Tami that she was ready to ruin her life with a T-shirt that read, "you're a non-mother f***ing factor."

Really, Eve has a heart? We aren't sure we knew until now. And to be honest, we shed a tear. And yes, we are ashamed. Who cries at a reality show? We do, apparently.

Here's Jennifer's roll in this season: Jennifer Williams Looking For Love. We have seen her file for divorce, attempt online dating and now, going on a blind date. And we're only at episode five. Until we see her hitting the sack with some hot man, we won't be satisfied. We have her in mind, of course.

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