Shatarka Nuby Gets 2 1/2 Years For Stealing ID to Get Boob Job and Lipo

Shatarka Nuby Gets 2 1/2 Years For Stealing ID to Get Boob Job and Lipo
via Broward County Sheriff's Office

​Shatarka Nuby already had breast implants, but they weren't big enough. And her arms! They needed liposuction, stat! The only problem: Nuby didn't have $9,000 to pay for all that work.

So that's when the 29-year-old lifted a college application out of a mailbox, opened a fraudulent credit card, and went to town at a Fort Lauderdale clinic. Nuby got her boob job -- but the cops caught up to her. Yesterday she earned a two-and- a-half-year prison sentence for her thievery.

Nuby, who lived in Tamarac, had a history of opening fake credit cards. Her first arrest came in January 2008, after she tried to use a bogus license to cash a check, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Records show she was busted again just a month later, when officers searched her home and found a cache of fake IDs and credit cards.

Last year, Nuby's latest victim alerted the police when more than $19,000 in charges popped up on cards she had never opened. Investigators soon found the bulk of the charges had been made at the Pinalla Cosmetic Surgery, where Nuby had paid doctors to take out her breast implants and to swap them for bigger models.

Nuby was arrested in May, along with her accomplice, April Brown. She later told police she needed the new implants because the old ones were making her sick.

Yesterday, a federal judge hit her with a two-and-a-half-year prison term. 

But Riptide can't help but wonder -- what happens to the implants? If you steal a Ferrari, you don't normally get to take it to prison with you ...

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