Video: Yeasayer Releases Video for "Madder Red" with Kristen Bell and a Creepy, Disfigured Pet -- Watch it Here

Not all pets are cute and cuddly -- we get that.  But we've never seen a "pet" as ugly as the one in Yeasayer's just-released video for "Madder Red."

The creature in the video looks like a big wad of someone's insides, equipped with a bruised eye, bloody mouth, and it oozes green goo, to boot.

But don't worry, their video isn't all filth and creepy imagery -- Kristen Bell's in it, too. It's a far cry from her voice over work for Gossip Girl and her Veronica Mars days, though she plays an actress that runs to a casting -- in between taking care of her little monster, of course. The band definitely has a penchant for brainy, veiny looking things, but is this taking it a step too far?  

We get the obvious "loss of a pet" message it's trying to put out there, but the noises Bell's pet makes seem like they're more out of a nightmare than something akin to man's best friend. The video completely changes the meaning behind lyrics like "Cause lately I have wronged you/ And nothing on your side, love/ Maybe I've been gone/ Please don't ask me why" for us. Seriously, don't watch it while you're eating.

We will say this for the video, though: Their imagination has peaked our interest as to what they're going to do at their show at the Fillmore on October 5 just a little bit more.

Catch the video below, and tell us what you think.


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