Top Ten Molly References in Rap Music

Has anyone seen Molly?

Have you checked the strip clubs or the mean streets of the inner city? Have you asked around the Louis store? Have you checked ATL, MIA, and NYC?

It used to be that wide-eyed and sweaty raver kids ruled the molly scene. And basically, they still do. But over the past couple of years, that other white girl has been getting mad love from the rap scene.

According to, there are about 241 "Molly" references in their lyrical database. But here are Crossfade's top ten.

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"Something 'bout Mary, she gone off that Molly/Now the whole party is melting like Dali." - Kanye West on "Mercy."

Yep, Yeezy does that ecstasy, and he does it with class. This must be one of the most high-brow Molly references in rap music. We want to see more surrealists worked into rhymes, please.

"Iceberg vest, I'm sniffing Molly off a chess board." - Sir Michael Rocks on "You Know What."

This is another rather classy way to ingest your party rocks. A bump of sweet Molly really helps you see moves ahead of the competition.

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