Miami Booty Bass: Ten Best Acts of All Time

2 Live Crew ... Bouncing booty on the beach.
2 Live Crew ... Bouncing booty on the beach.

"Miami bass is the ghetto-style hip-hop that came out of Miami in the '80s," says DJ Jerry Pulles.

From 1989 to 1994, he drove a van loaded with speakers and records from Miami Lakes to Hialeah to Carol City, playing house parties for his friends from American High.

Later, he took a full-time job on Spanish-language radio, and eventually moved to Redondo Beach, California, where he does voice-over work. But he never forgot his roots. A year ago he started, the first and only all Miami bass radio station in the world.

"I tried programming a channel for it on Pandora, but it never played the right music," he says. "Neither does Spotify. Almost all Miami bass was released independently. Some of it is really hard to find and completely not available commercially. I had to build the station out of my own CD collection and by digitizing vinyl that other DJs helped me find. I just want to preserve the legacy and history of what Miami bass is, and I wanted to give new bass artists today a platform for their music."

Here are Jerry Pulles' top nine Miami booty bass acts of all time. We here at Crossfade contributed Maggotron ourselves.

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10. Splack Pack

"They had 'Shake That Ass,' 'Scrub Da Ground,' 'Let Me See You Work It,'" Jerry recalls. "They were from West Palm Beach, but they really represented that Miami bass sound hard for South Florida. Back in the day, no matter what party you went to, they had to play 'Scrub Da Ground.'"

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9. Maggotron

The legend known as Maggotron, AKA James McCauley, is the prototypical electronic home producer, the Bassnectar of his day. Starting with 1983's Computer Funk, he has released a massive array of independent bass music under a series of assumed identities that sampled from a wide variety of sources. His signature sound is a mix of electro beats, rock guitars, and vocals.

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