Drown in Champagne

Barry White. Englebert Humperdink. Jose Luis Rodriguez. When you're ready to slip into something a little more comfortable, there's really nowhere else to turn. Venezuelan loverman Rodriguez, better known by the name El Puma for his penetrating stare and jungle-cat appeal, has been setting the right mood for more than two decades now, and his voice just gets sexier. "Ya sabes," he pants in a sotto voce so low it nearly licks your toes, "You already know/Tonight I feel so lonely and lost because you are not here/Where are you?" Where are you indeed? Slipping on a silk dress and stiletto heels, anticipating the romance of a female chorus cooing in the background, the teasing kiss of brushes against the drums, the anguished wail of a trumpet, and El Puma's whisper, purr, and growl commanding you to remember that night, forget your other lovers, sip champagne, and surrender to him. How can you resist?

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