Amaury Gutierrez at the Fillmore Miami Beach May 7

Amaury Gutiérrez, like so many of Miami's citizens, is a Cuban immigrant, an exile who was forced to choose between his homeland and his dream, between the life he knew and the life he sought, between his roots and his freedom.

In his native Cuba, the singer-songwriter from Santa Clara studied music, learning the guitar and the piano. He eventually linked up with trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval and later the band Afrocuba. But not until he toured Latin America in 1993 did the musician decide to spread roots in Mexico and pursue a solo career outside su tierra. And 1999 proved to be Gutiérrez's big breakthrough, with the release of his eponymous debut record. He sold more than half a million copies worldwide and earned a Latin Grammy nomination.

Now 12 years and four albums later, with Piedras y Flores, Alma Nueva, and 2008's Pedazos de Mi under his belt, Gutiérrez continues to pursue the dream he left Cuba to fulfill. And this Saturday, he'll share his passion with Miami.


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