Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes Pad Thai

Sometimes you know a YouTube video is going to go viral -- like the laughing penguin or the little kid who got stoned at the dentist. Well, this is one of those videos -- except you get a kick-ass Pad Thai recipe with your 14 minutes of shirking your menial office duties.

In this first of (hopefully) a series of cooking demos, the Vegan Black Metal Chef, looking like the fifth secret member of KISS, shows us how to make a vegan pad thai. Set to some heavily rockin' out music, the Vegan Black Metal Chef half growls, half sings his instructions, making it necessary to look at the handy subtitles.

As the chef of darkness cuts his veggies with a satanic ritual knife and deep fries his tofu, there's one ingredient needed to complete the dish. Is is love?

Hell no! It's the heat of satan. To summon the devil, you have to headbang furiously. If the dark lords are pleased, you'll get steam and, apparently one delish Pad Thai.

Watch the Vegan Black Metal Chef after the jump.

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