Ever since Oprah cosigned the supposed "superfruit" açai berry, American shores have flooded with products counting it as an ingredient.

The açai has been consumed in Central and South America, where it grows natively, since ancient times.

Here are Short Order's top ten ways to cash in on the health and monetary benefits of the açai berry.

Top Ten Ways to Use or Sell the "Superfood" Açai Berry

10. Pull an online scam. [ComplaintsBoard]
9.  What's in your needle? Use an "eye serum" containing açai as a Botox alternative. [EyeSerum]
8.  Açai fruit snacks, 'cause they sound like a great idea when you're stoned and watching television at 3 in the morning. [QVC]
7. Start an import company. Bring legal foreign products throught the Port of Miami. [UniversalTaste]
6. Eat açai sorbet at Soli Café in South Miami. [Yelp]
5. Have an açai bowl at Sun Juice Smoothie & Juice Bar in South Miami. [Yelp]
4. Drink açai juice at Canela Café in Biscayne near 50th. [Yelp]
3. Drink VeeV açai 60 proof liqueur at bars and clubs around Miami. [MiamiNights]
2. Pop pills and improve your "pump." [GNC]
1. They call it the "Viagra of the Amazon" for a reason. Find out why. [Health-Report]

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