Top Five Ceviches in Miami: An Orgasmic Fusion of Flavors

There was a time in Miami when good ceviche was hard to

find. Fortunately, nowadays you can't walk two blocks without discovering the fresh

raw fish marinated in lime and/or lemon and spiced with chili peppers, onion,

salt, and cilantro, among other things.

In Peru, which is most often associated with the dish, it is usually accompanied by complementary sides such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, and avocado. This Latin American fusion has found its way into

the hearts of many foodies, regardless of their ethnic or national origin. Freshness of the seafood is essential,

however, because there is no cooking per se involved in the Peruvian stuff. (Other versions, like the Ecuadorean, do cook the fish.). Try any

of these places for the freshest and tastiest ceviche in Miami.

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Kareem Shaker
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