The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. Opens Tomorrow

Authentic bagels will finally be available in South Beach starting tomorrow, when The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. debuts at The Shops at Alton & Fifth in South Beach. The first 50 folks to show up at opening time -- 6 a.m. -- will receive six free bagels and six bottles of "Brooklynized water". In case you're wondering, the Brooklynization of the H2O takes place via a 14-step proprietary system that you can view from the dining room. It is what makes the bagels taste like they come from that hallowed borough.

I know how good they taste because I've been getting bagels from South Florida's original Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., since it opened in Delray Beach in 2009.

Along with bagels and cream cheese ($2.39), Brooklyn Water Bagel

Company also offers bagel pizza melts ($5.99) -- but do you really want to go there?

Other unique aspects that make TOBWBC different from Einstein's and the other pretenders:

  • Iced coffee is made with iced coffee cubes. South Floridians have never really understood iced coffee, so it's good to have a place that does.
  • Egg creams -- made with Fox's u-Bet, of course. If you don't know what this means, you have probably never been to Brooklyn. Now you can find out what it is without having to travel so far. They cost $3.
  • It will be open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. "Everyone loves a Brooklyn Water Bagel, no matter what time of day or night," says Steven M. Fassberg, CEO and President of the company. How true.
  • Larry King is a partner -- but don't let that stop you from coming here.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
1119 Fifth St., Miami Beach

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