The New Deal Is Old -- And Kosher

There's all sorts of talk about New Deal this and New Deal that these days, which is fine by Heshy Wilensky, proprietor of the New Deal Kosher Market.

Located at 1362 NE 163rd Street in North Miami Beach, it is the only

butcher shop in South Florida that has operated under the same

ownership and same location for over 50 years -- since 1957, to be

precise. Heshy still offers fresh custom cut meats and poultry, and

provides the warm, personalized service that his father George built

the business' reputation upon (George's butcher knives are displayed in

a glass case labeled "Papa's Hockmessers"). New Deal dishes deli items

as well, and also prepared foods like kreplach, knishes, kishkas, and

kasha varnishkes (if you don't know what these are, all the more reason

to come here). Delivery is free of charge from Homestead to West Palm


New Deal's old-timey ambiance hasn't changed much over the decades,

which lends the shop a quaint air of antiquity. Neighborhood meat

markets such as these, where the butcher knows the customers, and knew

the customers' parents and perhaps grandparents too, are dwindling to a

precious few. New Deal is the real deal. It is old. It is true. Check

it out.

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