The Cafe at Books & Books: Where to Find Vegan Fare on Lincoln Road

Let's say you're hot, tired, and ravenous after a long day of shopping for H&M sheath dresses and Victoria's Secret thongs on Lincoln Road. But you're vegan, and everywhere you look there are Cuban-inspired spots and pizza joints; tourist traps and overpriced meateries. What's an herbivore to do?

Thank the lord for The Cafe at Books & Books. In addition to its well-earned rep as Miami's best bookseller, this locale offers up a menu chock full of meatless eats. So you can rest easy knowing you'll be able to fill your belly with something other than $12-a-pound licorice from Dylan's Candy Bar.

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On a recent lunch visit, my vegan wrap, stuffed full of sauteed onions, peppers and asparagus, was colorful and delicious. Paired with a corn salad and some sweet mustard sauce, it was everything I could have wanted in an afternoon meal that wouldn't leave me listless and tired.

They also offer up choices like a black and white bean salad; a black bean hummus sandwich; a grilled tofu and avocado salad and several others, all lined up on a specific "vegan" section of the menu.

Lots of options, folks, so you won't be stranded on South Beach with nothing more than Starbucks to sustain you. You won't get gouged, either. Prices are pretty reasonable ($11.95 for the wrap, $14.95 for a tofu and wild mushroom stir fry, etc.) and they don't add an automatic gratuity, at least not for small parties.

So next time you're on Lincoln Road, pop in for some vegan eats, and hopefully a book or two. Because Amazon is taking over the world, and we need to support small booksellers while we still can.

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