Thanksgiving Leftovers? Eleanor Hoh Woks Our Turkey

Thanksgiving is gone but not forgotten. To show for all your hard work, you've got a mound of dishes, some priceless photos of Aunt Harriet stuffing yams into her yaw, and a fridge full of leftovers.

Sure you can just nuke the remaining veggies and make a turkey sandwich, but why go the traditional route when you can turn the contents of that Tupperware into something exotic and delicious?

Wokstar Eleanor Hoh, who conducts interactive wok cooking classes and spreads the gospel of cooking without fear or recipes, shows us how to turn our leftovers into a feast full of Asian flavors. Never stir fried a turkey or Brussels sprouts?

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Hoh explains how easy it is to wok your turkey:

"Leftovers like turkey, boiled or roasted Brussels sprouts, chestnuts that didn't make it into the stuffing, even stuffing and calabaza, squash or sweet potatoes are perfect candidates for a wok stir fry. I like a mixture of crunchy with different textures. You can make something delicious with any leftovers by adding a dash of tamari, sherry and squirt of lime juice. Instantly transforms any leftovers into a totally new and delicious dish."

Wokstar Post-Thanksgiving Feast


Boiled or roasted Brussels sprouts

Handful of chestnuts

Handful of cubed calabaza

2 scallions, sliced diagonally

Turkey leg torn into bite size pieces

2 cloves garlic bashed

2 slices of fresh ginger sliced and shredded

Canola oil

Dash of tamari
Splash of sherry (or white wine if you have some lying around)

Squirt of fresh lime or lemon juice


Heat your wok till you see first wisp of smoke, squirt 3 rounds of oil down sides of wok, quickly add 1 bashed garlic and half of shredded ginger.

Immediately add cubed calabaza, they cook faster than you think. Turn down heat if they start burning and keep turning them. Taste for doness and plate.

Heat your wok till you see first wisp of smoke, squirt 3 rounds of oil down sides of wok, quickly add other bashed garlic and rest of shredded ginger. Immediately add Brussels sprouts and fry till you see burn marks, add in chestnuts. Add to plate of calabaza.

Heat your wok till you see first wisp of smoke, squirt 1 round of oil down sides of wok. Immediately add turkey pieces and fry till warm, add back all the veggies, add dash of tamari, splash of sherry and squirt of lime juice and give one last quick fry with the seasonings.


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