Chops, ribs, asado, or baked.
A sandwich, tortilla, or layed on a plate.
Holler lechon! And do what you do,
here's 15 bucks off from Short Order to you.
(when you spend 50)

Short Order Giveaway - $15 Off at La Esquina del Lechon Pork and Steak House

That's right folks, Short Order is here to deliver a digital handoff in savings for all you carnivores.

La Esquina del Lechon calls itself a "Pork and Steak House." Never having been there, Short Order can only refer you to other people's thoughts on the joint (yelp) (urbanspoon) (likeme).

We also accessed their Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulations restaurant inspection records (click), and their corporate identity records (click).

Their excellent website (clean layout, fast load, easy navigation, nice use of images and well executed photo gallery) is online at http://www.esqlechon.com.

Print out the full size version of the above coupon for $15 off any purchase over $50.

You're welcome.

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