Serendipity Whips Up Coconut-Based Vegan Ice Cream Without Refined Sugars

Serendipity, Wynwood's tiny artisanal ice cream shop located at 421 NW 26th St., Miami,  is making waves in Miami's vegan movement. The store, which is always stocked with a few vegan varieties, has debuted three new flavors that are both vegan and refined sugar-free.

"It took months of experimenting with different combinations," says founder/owner Jessica Levison. "We had been consistently receiving requests for an ice cream without refined sugar and also for more vegan options."

After testing nut milks and fats, Levison achieved the perfect balance between taste, texture, and consistency, she says.

Now Levison's Serendipity will always feature vanilla, chocolate, and Panther coffee-inspired creams that are completely vegan and free of refined sugars. Each variety, she says, is made with a fusion of cashews, coconut milk, coconut oil, agave, and vanilla bean.

"The flavor profile is a mix of coconut and vanilla," she explains. "You can also clearly identify the agave flavor."

The ingredients are Levison's go-to as a vegan ice cream base. Besides her three new additions, she plans to toy with other flavor combinations that complement her foundation.

Levison's vegan vanilla flavor is also available at Della inside the Wynwood Yard.

"As we got close to finalizing our recipe, Della [Heiman] happened to call me asking if by any crazy chance we made a vegan ice cream without refined sugar," Levison says. "That's serendipity."

In the meantime, Levison is busy experimenting with new varieties, which will be released in the coming months.

"We're focused on trying to find easy extensions to the base we have," she says. "Flavors like peanut butter, pistachio and strawberry. We started with coffee and chocolate because those are my person favorites."

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