Organo Coffee: Ganoderma-Infused Brew Promises to Cut the Jitters

Coffee is everywhere. But what distinguishes the brew at Starbucks from that at a Shell station? The beans may be sourced from different locales, but the caffeinated liquid they create has pretty similar properties.

Alternatively, Organo Coffee is basically its own breed. The brand's blends are all infused with a Chinese mushroom known as Ganoderma lucidum that's said to cut the coffee jitters and offer a more sustainable energy boost.

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"Our coffee comes from Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil and we infuse it with an herb called Ganoderma lucidum," says Omar Rosario, a Miami-based independent distributor of the Organo brand.

The brand was basically launched out of an apartment in Canada, Rosario explains. Now, they're in 37 countries.

"It's [Ganoderma] been used for over 2,000 years in China and in Asia," he adds. And while they don't make any health claims about the product, they do say that it cuts the jitters and the common post-coffee crash.

"It basically neutralizes the bad of the caffeine so you don't get the jitters or the heart palpitations," Rosario says. "You don't crash, you don't get the acidity. It gives you over 150 antioxidants per cup so it's a pretty amazing product."

The Ganoderma is also tasteless, Rosario adds. The blend took the company several years to perfect.

Organo offers a whole host of products, from various K cup varieties to an exclusive Blue Mountain coffee partnership blend. They also offer what they call the "King of Coffee," an organic certified blend with organic certified Ganoderma.

"If you Google it you'll see more than a million pages and write-ups about how good it is for you and the benefits of it."

It's different for everyone, Rosario adds, but he says he's reaped the benefits of the mushroom's properties. Try it and see, is his advice.

Organo is available through Rosario's site at larcoffee.com. He also sells it to some retailers, hotels and restaurants.

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