Reggaeton Star Nicky Jam to Open Brunch Spot and Bakery at Bayside Marketplace

Nicky Jam is opening a brunch spot.
Nicky Jam is opening a brunch spot. Photo courtesy of Sony Music Latin
Nicky Jam is opening a bakery and brunch spot in Bayside Marketplace.

On Monday, the Latin Grammy-winning reggaeton star and Bad Boys for Life actor announced on Instagram that he is bringing La Industria Bakery & Cafe to Bayside Marketplace.

The restaurant — whose name is a nod to La Industria Inc., the Medellín-based management company founded by Jam's manager — will serve everything from pancakes, waffles, and French toast to arepas and tequeños.

“For those that don’t know, I’m opening a restaurant that’s called La Industria Bakery & Brunch in Bayside [Marketplace],” Jam (real name: Nick Rivera Caminero) said in his Instagram Stories. “And it’s going to be an incredible thing. There are going to be all the pancakes you can imagine.... It’s going to be crazy.”

A photo of Jam clad in a La Industria Bakery T-shirt and holding a plate of strawberry cheesecake pancakes in one hand and Oreo pancakes in the other was posted to both Jam’s and La Industria Bakery & Cafe’s Instagram accounts. The latter account says the eatery will serve Venezuelan and Puerto Rican food and will open this month. An official date has yet to be announced.

On Tuesday, Bayside Marketplace confirmed the opening on its Facebook page.

Coming soon... La Industria Bakery and Cafe to Bayside Marketplace! Check back for Grand Opening dates! #baysidemarketplace #laindustriacafebakery #nickyjam

Posted by Bayside Marketplace on Tuesday, March 16, 2021
Calls and emails to Bayside from New Times yielded confirmation that La Industria has leased space but no additional details. (The Seamless delivery app looks ready to accept orders for the bakery — once it opens.)

It's worth mentioning that La Industria's Instagram page has repeatedly teased that the restaurant will open "soon" ever since the page became active in November 2020.

La Industria is hiring employees according to an Instagram post from Jam: "We are looking for people who want to work and do not laugh at the photo."

The "El Perdón" and "Te Robaré" singer told Billboard in October that his plan is to parlay his brunch concept into a franchise. He also explained why an urbano artist with sexually charged lyrics and tattoos on his face is making the unlikely jump into the breezy brunch industry.

“It’s these Venezuelans that I went to their restaurant, and I really loved what they did,” said Jam, referring to Miami Beach's Charlotte Bakery. “And they gave me an idea, so in my mind, I was like ‘OK, I want to do my own restaurant where people go and want to take pictures of their breakfast. This is going to be so incredible and so nice and so delicious that people are going to go crazy. And I’m going to take a whole bunch of artists over there.”

This is shaping up to be an eventful spring for Jam. After announcing that his engagement to Cydney Moreau had been called off, Jam kept busy promoting new music. He recently performed  "Fan de Tus Fotos," with Romeo Santos on The Tonight Show. He also has a cameo in HBO's new animated Tom & Jerry.

A Boston native of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent who turned 40 on St. Patrick's Day, Nicky Jam is also behind an ambitious music festival scheduled to take place May 13-16 in Miami.

Billed as "Nicky Jam's playground," JamWorld will consist of "parties, live performances and experiences all curated by Nicky."

La Industria Bakery & Cafe at Bayside Marketplace. 401 Biscayne Blvd., Miami; instagram.com/laindustriamiami. Opening spring 2021.
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