Michael's vs. Tudor House: Battle Of The Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes

In this corner: Lemon-ricotta pancakes from chef/owner Michael Schwartz and pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith at the iconic restaurant Michael's Genuine Food & Drink.

In the opposing corner: A different interpretation of the same pancakes from chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and Jamie DeRosa at the recently opened Tudor House Restaurant at the Dream Hotel in South Beach.

It's a battle of batters, a test of zest, a crunch at brunch -- and a prelude to our upcoming Flapjack Flip-Off XI.

Ready. Set. Pour!

Tudor House Restaurant: Five tender, ricotta-moistened pancakes were lusciously light and flavorful. The small, round jacks were barely flecked with lemon, but they come draped in heavenly lemon curd sauce (cherry preserves are also offered -- solo or in tandem with the curd). Service was excellent. Price for five small cakes: $14.

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink: The tiny trio of oval shaped pancakes were tasty, lemony and light, if a tad dry. Nice golden color to them, and a dollop of fresh ricotta on top adds flavor and moisture. Organic blueberry maple syrup on the side was delicious. Service was good, but points were shaved when nobody said farewell to us as we left. Price for three small cakes: $8.

Winner: Michael's lemony flapjacks were delectable, but the lemon-ricotta hotcakes at Tudor House were nearly perfect. So Tudor prevails -- although we were very impressed with brunch at both spots.

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