Miami's Five Best Summer Beers

While the rest of the nation celebrates sandals weather and freedom from 80 layers of clothing, Miamians will spend the next few months desperately trying to escape the city's heat and humidity.

There's no better way to stay cool than by gathering a few friends and playing board games with a cold pint at one of Miami's many breweries.

That being said, light, refreshing beer is the way to go. It’s time to temporarily retire the stouts and porters in favor of crisp ales and bright Hefeweizens. Here are five Miami beers to try this summer.

Rosé Ale
Rosé Ale
Courtesy of Concrete Beach Brewery

1. Rosé ale from Concrete Beach Brewery. A hybrid for wine and beer lovers, the rosé ale is described as containing Zinfandel grape, blueberry, and "subtle sweetness." Think of it as rosé’s distant cousin that shows up for brunch but isn't shitfaced by noon. This deep-pink beer's alcohol by volume (ABV) is 6.2 percent, so it’s not exactly weak either. 325 NW 24th St., Miami; 305-796-2727; concretebeachbrewery.com.

La Rubia
La Rubia
Courtesy of Wynwood Brewing

2. La Rubia from Wynwood Brewing Company. Blondes have more fun, right? Wynwood Brewing seems to think so. With 5 percent ABV, this flagship was designed for Miami's hot summer days. A combination of German pilsner malts, British crystal malts, Czech Saaz hops, and German ale yeast, La Rubia is crisp and light, making it a perfect choice for an afternoon brew. 565 NW 24th St., Miami; 305-982-8732; wynwoodbrewing.com.

Immaculate IPA
Immaculate IPA
Courtesy of the Abbey Brewing Company

3. Immaculate IPA from Abbey Brewing Company. This 6.2 percent ABV brew is a bit dark for a summer beer but is perfect for those looking for the hoppy kick that blondes and Hefeweizens can’t supply. The amber-colored Immaculate IPA is a nice blend of Midwest malts and Pacific Northwest hops. 115 16th St., Miami Beach; 305-538-8110; abbeybrewinginc.com.

Miami WeissEXPAND
Miami Weiss
Courtesy of MIA Beer Company

4. Miami Weiss from MIA Beer Company. Cleverly named, the Miami Weiss (6 percent ABV) is a German-style Hefeweizen. Brewed with wheat, barley, and sweet orange peel, the beer contains hints of vanilla, banana, and bubblegum. Refreshing and fruity, it’s the quintessential boat drink. 10400 NW 33rd St., Doral; 305-567-5550; mia.beer.

Courtesy of J. Wakefield Brewing

5. Stush from J. Wakefield Brewing. Stush is a Berliner Weisse full of crisp, lemony flavors and a subtle bitterness. The ABV is light on this porch pounder. At 3.5 percent, it's perfect for those who don't typically drink beer, but brew lovers will enjoy it too. 120 NW 24th St., Miami; 786-254-7779; jwakefieldbrewing.com.

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