The 11 Best Chocolate Cakes in Miami

Sagrado Cafe's chocolate cakes
Sagrado Cafe's chocolate cakes Photo by Oswaldo Segatto
An indulgence on its own or a sweet end to a meal, Miami's best chocolate cakes come in an assortment of forms, flavors, and styles. Made by artisans who revere the classic confection, these timeless recipes often include plenty of twists to wow diners.

Whether for a celebration or simply a craving, here are the places that serve Miami's best chocolate cakes.
click to enlarge Atelier Monnier's three-chocolate carre cake. - ATELIER MONNIER
Atelier Monnier's three-chocolate carre cake.
Atelier Monnier

Atelier Monnier

Various locations

For a refined, balanced blend, Patrick Feyten's three-chocolate carre cake at Atelier Monnier is a must. The confection combines gluten-free almond sponge cake and three layers of chocolate mousse — alternating dark, milk, and white Belgian chocolate. Dark chocolate ganache covering the cake lends an extra-sweet touch. Each slice ($5.95) comes with a gluten-free vanilla macaron on top ($5.95). A whole cake is decorated with macarons along the sides ($29.95 to $288).
click to enlarge Bachour's dark chocolate mousse cake - PHOTO BY ANTONIO BACHOUR
Bachour's dark chocolate mousse cake
Photo by Antonio Bachour


2020 Salzedo St., Coral Gables

At his Coral Gables shop, pastry master Antonio Bachor's dazzling interpretation of one of the world's most beloved cakes is nearly irresistible. His elegant dark chocolate mousse, combining dark chocolate and vanilla bean cremeux, offers a perfect balance in flavor and texture through a scrumptious, creamy interior encased in a thin yet rich chocolate shell. Priced at $55, it serves 12 people.
click to enlarge Big Pink's Chocolate Skyscraper - BIG PINK
Big Pink's Chocolate Skyscraper
Big Pink

Big Pink

157 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

A classic chocolate cake never fails at any party, and Big Pink has been helping make celebrations more festive with its Chocolate Skyscraper for the past 23 years. At the South Beach diner, the tried-and-true creation is often ordered for the table and can serve two to four people per slice ($12.75). Forks will plunge deep into this four-layer feast, held together by a rich pudding. A whole cake feeds 20 to 40 people and costs $120.
click to enlarge Dbakers' chocolate lovers' cake - PHOTO BY JUANO ABREU @BYJUANO
Dbakers' chocolate lovers' cake
Photo by Juano Abreu @byjuano


3501 NE Second Ave., Miami

DBakers' chocolate lovers' cake combines dark chocolate crème anglaise and Swiss meringue dark chocolate buttercream in every rich slice. A shiny chocolate glaze finishes off the flamboyant confection. A crown of chocolate macarons and 24-karat gold splatters add an indulgent finishing touch. A $45.50 cake serves nine people, and a $75.50 version feeds up to 20.
click to enlarge Fireman Derek's chocolate cake - LAUREN CEDEÑO & ADRIANA FIGUERA
Fireman Derek's chocolate cake
Lauren Cedeño & Adriana Figuera

Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

2818 N. Miami Ave., Miami
3435 Main Hwy., Coconut Grove

Former Miami firefighter Derek Kaplan's chocolate cake is practically synonymous with over-the-top chocolate merriment. This decadent double-layer creation is not only blanketed in a chocolate drip shell but also topped with chocolate buttercream frosting and mini chocolate chips. A slice costs $8.50, and a whole cake, for $68, weighs more than eight pounds and serves up to 20 people.
click to enlarge Kyu's dark chocolate s'mores cake - KYU
Kyu's dark chocolate s'mores cake


251 NW 25th St., Miami

If your sweet tooth knows no bounds, head to Kyu in Wynwood. The Asian restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind dark chocolate s’mores cake with a unique flavor profile. Slice through the flaky exterior to find a delightful burst of banana-bourbon ice cream and toasted marshmallow ($8).
click to enlarge Mirabelle's chocolate lovers' cake - MIRABELLE
Mirabelle's chocolate lovers' cake


114 SE First St., Miami

Fans of French pastries will relish the round chocolate lovers' cake by Mirabelle's chef/owner George Berger. Aa light brownie base is topped with two kinds of chocolate mousse: The first is a dense 70 percent dark chocolate creation, and the second provides a lighter texture. A shiny chocolate glaze envelops the cake, topped with a ribbon of milk chocolate. It costs $32 and serves eight people.
click to enlarge Molten chocolate lava cake at Novikov Miami. - PHOTO BY  KARINA RIVERA
Molten chocolate lava cake at Novikov Miami.
Photo by Karina Rivera

Novikov Miami

300 S. Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Novikov's pastry chef, Karina Rivera, expects her molten chocolate lava cake to begin oozing just as the tines of your fork pierce it. The Valrhona chocolate cake is given an Asian touch with a wafer-thin sesame tuile and is topped with vanilla lemongrass ice cream. Rivera says the combination of ice cream and warm cake is the key to this dessert's appeal. "In each bite, you get a combination of the crunchiness from the sesame tuile and then a smoothness and freshness from the lemongrass ice cream, which balances the richness from the lava center." The cake is available during lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch for $14 a slice.
click to enlarge Sagrado Cafe's brigadeiro cake - PHOTO BY OSWALDO SEGATTO
Sagrado Cafe's brigadeiro cake
Photo by Oswaldo Segatto

Sagrado Cafe

900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

The chocolate brigadeiro cake at Sagrado Cafe is an indulgent combination of moist layers of chocolate cake and brigadeiros, Brazil's signature truffle. Thanks to sweetened condensed milk in the truffle mixture, the cake remains moist despite the absence of frosting. To add to the richness, mini brigadeiros top the whole thing ($8 to $69 depending upon the size).
click to enlarge Sugar Factory's signature devil's food cake - LORI BAIR @SUGAR_BAIR
Sugar Factory's signature devil's food cake
Lori Bair @Sugar_Bair

Sugar Factory

1144 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach

On Ocean Drive, the sweets-centric spot Sugar Factory serves a signature devil's food cake that's sinfully delicious. The cake is fluffy, flavorful, and layered with a sweet and bitter blend of dark and milk chocolate mousse, dressed in bittersweet chocolate fudge sauce, and adorned with delicate chocolate pearls. Devour a large slice for $16, or snag a whole cake for $40.
click to enlarge Zuma's flourless chocolate cake - ZUMA
Zuma's flourless chocolate cake

Zuma Miami

270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami

Zuma's flourless chocolate cake walks the line between mousse and chocolate cake. The chocolate sponge is embellished with a chocolate seal and served with sobacha ice cream. The dessert is available during brunch and dinner ($14). 
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