Legos and booze
Legos and booze
Photo by Nicole Danna

A Lego-Themed Pop-Up Bar Is Coming to Miami This October

Brick Bar, a Lego-themed pop-up bar, is headed to Miami for two nights this October. The idea — according to the pop-up's website — is to appeal to Lego fans of legal drinking age.

Similar bars have debuted in Australia thanks to Viral Ventures, the Sydney-based company behind the concept. Over the next year, Brick Bar will arrive in 15 cities. U.S. stops include Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Dates are slated from June to November.

The location of the Miami venue has yet to be confirmed, but expect tickets for the three-day October pop-up to go on sale several weeks before the opening. New York's and Los Angeles' upcoming pop-ups cost $25 for a 90-minute window, so expect Miami's to be similarly priced.

For the pop-up, Brick Bar transports and assembles more than a million of the colorful plastic blocks to create a nostalgic watering hole that allows visitors to play with Lego bricks while drinking, dancing, and socializing. Everything from the walls to the bar top will be made of Legos. There will also be features such as a champagne fountain, brick-shaped food and drinks, swings, sofas, and even a life-size bridge. An abundance of blocks will also be available for guests to make their own creations.

This won't be the first time Viral Ventures has used out-of-the-box thinking for its events. So far, the company's series of pop-ups include a ball-pit party and hot-tub cinema.

However, despite its use of Legos, the pop-up is not affiliated with the Danish company. In fact, past legal action forced Viral Ventures to change the name from Lego Bar to Brick Bar. Today the only mention of "Lego" on the website is in the disclaimer: "We are not associated with Lego."

Brick Bar Pop-Up. Friday, October 18, through Sunday, October 20, at a location to be announded; thebrickbars.com.

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