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Kostya Kimlat Brings Magic to Cafe DaVinci

Kostya Kimlat has been a magician for almost two decades, even though he looks barely out of high school himself. The Ukraine-born magician, based in Orlando, performs and teaches magic around the world. Named the basketball Magic's "Official Magician,",Kostya performs regularly at Del Frisco Restaurant in Orlando.

With Disney and Universal Studios as competition for the city's entertainment and dining dollars, Kimlat had to prove himself a great performer to stay in business. Instead of large-scale illusions, he prefers to engage audiences in what is known as parlor magic, intimate performances for small groups.

Kimlat is now bringing his intimate magic to Cafe DaVinci on Bay Harbor Island. Starting in mid-June, Kimlat and his entourage of skilled magicians will perform tableside mini-shows on alternating Saturday evenings.

Kimlat promises to incorporate more food into his magic, "Maybe I'll change the color of a tomato. I'm excited to work with DaVinci because what the chef does is a form of magic in itself", he says..

There is no cover charge or special menu involved. Restaurant patrons will simply be approached by the magician before their meal is served, who will do a few tricks, courtesy of "the house." Magicians do not accept tips -- they just offer an innovative way to pass the time while waiting for the pasta course to arrive.

We witnessed Kimlat perform a few tricks at a private event at the Rooftop Lounge at the Sanctuary Hotel. The group of about a dozen friends sat spellbound as he read minds, guessed cards, and made an iPhone appear from thin air. The true magic? Skeptical adults turned back into children in the flash of a card, the slight of a hand.

DaVinci doesn't have a set first date, but suggests you check the website for details.

Kostya Kimlat shows you how to do a card trick here.

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