Kitchen 305 Offers $35 All You Can Eat Stone Crab

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If you really loved him/her you would take her/him out for a swanky dinner at a swell restaurant, like stone crab at some place on the beach, instead of trying to slide by with the trinket that came with your Happy Meal at the local McFranchise.

Factor in the cost of Pepto and finding a new boy/girlfriend, and the deal at Kitchen 305 in the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort is one damn well worth taking, even for you, cheapskate.

Every Friday from now until March 1 the Sunny Isles eatery is offering an all you can eat stone crab pigout for $35 per person. If you want to waste valuable stomach space on something other than sweet, succulent stone crab, the price also includes New England clam chowder, wedge salad and choice of two sides, like creamed spinach, grilled portobellos and mashed potatoes. No trinket, though. Bummer.

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Bill Citara