Iced-Coffee Truck C.B. Station Has a Permanent Parking Spot in Pinecrest

C.B. Station, short for "Cold Brew Station," now has a permanent parking spot. Miami's first-ever iced-coffee truck will set up shop three to four days a week outside the South Dade YMCA Family Center (9355 SW 134th St., Pinecrest) near the Falls.

The venture is a spinoff of Relentless Roasters, a Miami-based wholesale coffee roaster cofounded by Daniel Paguaga. For the past few years, his seed-to-cup blends have sprouted up across South Florida, making waves in eateries such as Sweetness Bake Shop, Miami Smokers, and Barley.

Putting C.B. Station on wheels was the first step in making Paguaga's coffee accessible. Securing the YMCA as a semipermanent location was the next "logical step," he says.

Paguaga's coffee-fueled truck hit the road August. The biggest challenge was its inability to find a steady home.

"We've been moving around a lot," he says. "It's been our mission for the last month to find a place we could regularly pop up in. This one made the most sense."

Paguaga grew up in the Kendall area and believes this is the best location for his truck. The family center recently underwent major renovations, leading it to attract even larger groups of young adults and families.

"When you think YMCA, you might envision a small space with a gym," he says. "But it's completely different. It's huge, and it allows us to reach a much larger customer base more consistently."
"There's not much 'craft' that far south," he adds. "I know a lot of people in this area who drive all the way out to Wynwood for this kind of stuff. Now it's in their backyard."

He plans to create a "fun and inviting" atmosphere by adding chairs and tables surrounding the truck too.

"It's not just about parking the trailer," he says. "We want to encourage people to spend some time and enjoy our coffee. We want it to be different."

Besides offering iced coffee, Cold Brew Station now sells mini-doughnuts from Honeybee, a craft doughnut shop in South Miami.

Exact days for Cold Brew Station's reoccurring pop-up at the South Dade YMCA Center have not been decided. Regardless, the truck will still appear at a variety of other locations across South Florida. For information about future stops, visit

"We really want to build a strong base and loyal following," he says. "That's what we need before we can move into a full-fledged store."

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